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Welcome to Box Refresh's FAQ section! Here you will find answers to common questions about our roll-on applicator and how it can help you refresh your shipping boxes. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • What happens if it gets wet?
    Once Box Refresh dries the cardboard will come apart before the coating comes off. Don't worry about rain the color will not run.
  • Can I use Box Refresh over Amazon Tape?
    Yes, we encourage using over Amazons tape. It will save you on tape. Just cut open top of package and remove contents. Leave the bottom tape intact. Trim the loose edges of the tape from the open end and apply Box Refresh. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry.
  • How many boxes will Box Refresh cover?
    It depends on how heavy you apply it, but the coverage is about 13.2 square feet or 105 lineal feet. We recommend applying a light coat just over what you would like to cover. Remember we are not trying to make it perfect just want you to reuse the box, save you money, and keep that box working as long as possible.
  • How long does Box Refresh take to dry?
    Box Refresh is a water base formula. It depends on temperature, humidity, and how thick you apply. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to dry. We bring our old boxes in and coat multiple at a time for the next few days use.
  • How do you store box refresh?
    After using Box Refresh it is best to keep the roller wet and keep cap on. The roller can dry out, but if you use it often and keep the roller wet it will work just fine. Storage temperature is between 40 F and 80 F.
  • What are the green sticker for?
    The green stickers include in pack are for you to let your customers know you doing your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It also helps us get the work out about our product and mission.
  • Why is the color not the same as my box?
    The color of cardboard varies greatly. We choose a color that closest resembles a recycled box.
  • What happens if I get it on my skin?
    Box Refresh is water based. Just rise with water and soap. It's much safer that house paint.
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